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HDPE Profiles, HDPE Recycled Lumber, HDPE Dunnage, HDPE Marine Fendering

Since 1990, Bedford Technology has been recognized as one of the most experienced and reliable manufacturers inRecycled plastic products. Bedford Technology offers a full line of Recycled plastic products to markets such as marine, park and recreation, agriculture, industrial, site amenities, and many others. We can design a custom product to suit your specific application. We design our products with precision engineering, unique manufacturing techniques, creativity, and hard work.

Recyclable, Sustainable, renewable, green and smart.

Our Products are manufactured from the highest grade recycled HDPE. Plastic Lumber is a great choice where sustainability is part of the solution.  Our recycled HDPE does not rot or decay over time.  Our Recycled HDPE can be manufactured in a specific color, to meet a manufacturing environment need or manufactured to a specific shape for a unique application.  

Some of the many applications where Bedford Technology's Recycled HDPE is used in the Industrial marketplace are cribbing, dunnage, equipment mats, pallets, speed bumps, guard rails, platform boards, pipe supports and air conditioning pads, to name a few. 

In the Western States, contact American Plastics Depot for more information.