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Buy Manufactured lumber made from recycled post-consumer and/or post-industrial waste such as milk containers or poly drums. Our plastic boards and timbers are perfect for Docks, Decks, Boardwalks and Walkways in Marine, Construction, Agricultural or Chemical environments and make great rub rails or bumpers.

HDPE Lumber:

  1. Will not absorb any moisture as it is naturally hydrophobic.
  2. Is inert and resists most cleaning chemicals. (Plastic gas cans!)
  3. Will not leach harsh chemicals into the soil like some pressure treated wood.
  4. Offers low or no maintenance.
  5. Can be pressure washed.
  6. Does not support moss or algae growth.
  7. Holds screws, staples or nails like wood.

If fact, our plastic wood defies graffiti artists as paint will not adhere and plastic boards are almost unbreakable. Our Recycled Plastic lumber loves salt air and offers generations of service life as boardwalks, bridges or structures and is great when used with our HDPE marine board.

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HDPE Lumber is also known as:

  • Marine Plastic Lumber
  • Structural Plastic lumber
  • Recycled Plastic Lumber
  • Composite Lumber
  • Plastic Lumber
  • Recycled plastic wood
  • Plastic decking
  • Plastic timber
  • Plastic boards
  • Plastic dock
  • Plastic boardwalk

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About American Plastics Depot

American Plastics Depot is a Multi-line, multi-location American-owned factory sales agency focused on American-made engineered plastics for Industrial, Architectural & Wholesale Construction applications.

Utility Grade, Marine Dock & Decking, Playground, Park & Recreation, Commercial & Structural grade plastic lumber products are our core business. We offer a broad range of lumber sizes; multiple colors & textures are available.

We are directly contracted with the recycling industry, using both Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial scrap. Avoiding the landfill, these waste stream plastics come back to life through domestic manufacturers of sustainable, recycled plastic lumber products. HDPE is a specialty, as are recycled, sustainable sheet and rod materials.

Robert Blackwood is the founder of American Plastics Depot with multiple locations on the West coast. Mr. Blackwood has over thirty years’ experience in non-metallic materials, working in operations from base manufacturing to CNC Fabrication to operating distribution and service centers.

American Plastics Deport supports West coast sales and marketing efforts for North American plastics manufacturers who focus on recycled and sustainable plastic materials in multiple forms. Recycled lumber, one of the more sustainable products in our market basket, is a specialty.